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The Quarterly CIPD Survey Autumn 2013 – employees want feedback and recognition

The latest CIPD Employee Outlook survey has been published ( The headline is the fact that a quarter of employees are looking for new jobs. This prompts me to comment.

There is an old saying that people join companies, but leave bosses. In addition, looking at engagement scores, whilst the headline is for a small improvement, there is still a minority in the “engaged” bracket, with the bulk in “neutral”. This suggests a considerable potential to be exploited. This is especially so in larger companies where non engagement is highest and amongst the junior ranks.

Attitudes to managers is put positively at 64%, but I wonder what this really means when considered against the “neutral” engagement score and more particularly minus numbers for involvement and consultation on planning. In reality, we all know not everyone can be involved, but at low level in teams, the potential for involvement should be considerable.

The numbers that did strike home with me were not in the headlines – but in the performance review process – 33% were reviewed in the last 6 months, 12% in the last 12 months and 27% never. In a fast moving and constantly changing world, these numbers are not good. People really do need feedback and direction – and encouragement. The big number in the middle of the performance review data was the 81% given to people wanting feedback and recognition.

Feedback is important. People don’t come to work to wreck businesses. They want to achieve, so they need to know what to do and how well they are doing. And they need recognition of their achievements. But, with around a third having only a six monthly appraisal, that suggests a big gap not meeting the demand.

That’s why I like what we do – we can offer an opportunity for people to receive direct and recordable feedback recognition for anything of value down to a daily basis. Score these up and it can act like a review of progress. But at the very least, it gives immediate recognition where due. Simple to set up, simple to use, removing excuses for leaving people in the dark as to how they are doing.