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Hippo resting 24 May 2012

1501 Ways to Reward Employees by Bob Nelson PhD

Bob Nelson has done it again.  An updated version of the original 1001 book has just been issued. It’s thicker as you would expect with 500 more ideas. More significantly, it addresses the modern working environment where outsourcing, part time and contract working is now a widely adopted practice by many companies. Keeping people motivated nowadays is tougher. Continue reading

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How we got here 3 January 2012

How we got here

The origins of TR

Welcome to our new website. Some people may be curious about our origins, especially when the backgrounds of the team are noted. We have a wide range of experience, and there lies the answer.

We had all worked together on various aspects of reward, and performance management in organisations across the globe.

We had all seen the evolution of the performance framework that has become pretty standard fare in most organisations, and certainly all in listed markets.

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