Whales 9 May 2013

Learning from Whales

Holidays are a good time to ponder on things. Continue reading

Recognition and respect matters 22 January 2013

…and they work for us….

This week, the “Times” has been running a series of articles concerning the relationship between the Civil Service and the Government of the day. This has served to take the imagery far beyond that of “Yes Minister” and has also lifted some of the veil surrounding the machinations of Whitehall. Recent headline grabbing events such as the West Coast rail franchise outcome, the Border Agency staffing issue, and the leaking of Education department papers have brought the vocabulary describing the relationship into wholly new territory.  Continue reading

Hippo resting 24 May 2012

1501 Ways to Reward Employees by Bob Nelson PhD

Bob Nelson has done it again.  An updated version of the original 1001 book has just been issued. It’s thicker as you would expect with 500 more ideas. More significantly, it addresses the modern working environment where outsourcing, part time and contract working is now a widely adopted practice by many companies. Keeping people motivated nowadays is tougher. Continue reading