Our Team

We are London based, founded by experienced professionals to provide support to management and employees to achieve a high performance culture.

  • Alan


    Alan's career in Financial Services spanned over 30 years, after graduating from Cambridge University.

    He has worked in New York, Singapore, Greece and London.

    He is now a Non Executive Director with firms in the sector and a partner in a strategic planning consultancy.

  •  George


    George spent 30 years in financial services, after Cambridge University.

    His career has involved strategic programme management, risk and change management, delivered globally.

    Recent work has focused on performance management and the links to reward. This has led to his increased interest in motivation and engagement.

  • Sam


    Sam has many years of experience in administering policies and processes that underpin corporate performance. She has been a key developer of TR.

    Sam has had lots of experience in making sure that the things that must be done are done.

Our Team combines knowledge and experience across a wide range of disciplines. We share a common commitment to a pragmatic approach rather than to a highly theoretical ethos.

  • David


    David is a first class maths graduate of Imperial College and also studied at Cambridge and Cornell.

    He developed our elegant algorithm.

  • Richard


    Richard is our technology expert

    He has a proven track record in systems development and is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the database and platform that underpins TR

  • Tony


    Tony is an industrial psychologist and organisational anthropologist who focuses on the link between conscious and unconscious aspects of organisational life.

    He works with organisations in the public and private sectors that are experiencing stress. He carries out organisational "health checks" and delivers solutions to overcome difficulties.