The Rules Explained

Many recognition schemes operate with complex rules about nomination, acceptance and level of thanks.

We don't. We want simplicity. We also want people to be liberated to thank each other freely and easily - just like we do when outside our work environments. (When did you last give someone a conditional thank you?).

For TR, there are just three rules:

  • Use at least 4 words and at most 140 characters
  • Use your company email address
  • Don't thank yourself

After that, anything goes - that's the whole point - to allow free expression to employees to record ANY thanks for ANY deed.

Behind the scenes

Output is what matters, but some people are curious about what goes on behind the scenes (in our little black box!)

We collect the messages on our database, verify their provenance and analyse and report on the content. Sounds simple, but an elegant algorithm enables us to provide a subtle analysis of your organisation.

Messages are:

  • Received by us
  • Checked for validity
  • Logged
  • Weighted and scored (optional)
  • Mapped
  • Themed

Periodic reports are generated to show activity.