The Theory

The problem

  • Performance management is an inescapable part of running a business in the 21st century - managers in all organisations want the best from their people. But how is this achieved?
  • Traditional performance management schemes can be inflexible and ineffective, and they often demonstrate bias. Even a 360-degree review is built around a somewhat arbitrary feedback group, and personal relationships can provoke colleagues to submit an artificially good or bad assessment
  • The most useful measurement of performance ought to be completely organic; it should allow people to decide themselves what is good performance, not prescribe a checklist of criteria
  • Employees need to be engaged to improve morale
  • Research shows clearly that better morale leads to better productivity which leads to higher client satisfaction and a better bottom line

The solution

  • In response to these observations we created Thanks & Recognition, a radical organisational health check device which continuously:

    • monitors the "temperature" of the organisation
    • provokes better engagement from all people in the firm through focus on positive outcomes
  • It deals with actions that happen all the time, every day - things that are under the radar of the normal performance management framework
  • Its strength lies in its simplicity and its ability to be used by anyone
  • There is no opportunity for back-biting, feuds or score-settling: only positive messages are sent, which has a knock-on effect on organisational morale
  • And remember - an organisation doesn't need to have major issues for it to be worth saying "thank you" anyway!
    • Download our white paper to read more about the theory behind TR