What it can do for you

What it can do for you as an organisation

TR generates a lot of data as participants thank each other. Cumulatively, this information paints a picture of real connections within an organisation. The more data, the better. We then look at three aspects:

Messages get counted

  • Thanks get counted by individual, by location, or by team, and overall

Messages get mapped

  • Who is linked with whom?
  • Who is at the heart of your performance culture?
  • Who are the "unsung heroes" working across boundaries, breaking silos?

Messages tell a story

  • Every message is a point of view
  • Many messages have a theme
  • All messages add up to a story

Summary benefits:

  • We can tell you who the real stars of your organisation are, and show you the real connections between staff
  • TR generates unbiased data, and lots of it
  • Research shows clearly that better morale means better productivity means a better bottom line

What it can do for you as a participant

  • You can tell people exactly what you value in what they do
  • You can show you appreciate things that help you - even at a distance
  • You can show the organisation what you think - your view counts!
  • You can engage your colleagues
  • You can tell people what you think is good performance

Summary benefits:

  • Your view counts - you can thank others
  • Your good work is recognised - others can thank you
How does it work? I hear you ask